We Are One

"We are all unique in our own ways.

Nevertheless we all support each other to create a better future.

It is when we are one, we make the world a better one!

We get stronger, livelier, and happier."

When school of fishes gather, they become powerful, and yet harmonious. This place consist of mixed method and materials. Symbolises the perfect unity.

- Jane Li

About The Piece

At first glance, the design of We Are One appears to reference one fish swimming towards the ocean surface. But as the name suggests, the piece features a school of fishes coming together, represented through Jane's signature hollow form design. The use of hexagonal sapphire not only represents the reflection of light, but it also conceptualises the rare and fragile nature of smaller fishes.

We Are One was first designed in 2016, crafted in 2017, and awarded in 2018. The two years of design and production process of We Are One demonstrated Jane's perseverance in her creations, taking ownership of the process from start to finish. A complex design like We Are One requires tremendous trials and communications  between the designer, craftsmen and suppliers.


"Jane’s entry, “We are ONE,” features a school of fish swimming elegantly in the sea, symbolising the power of unity. The brooch features larger fish, with glittering diamond chips and coloured gemstones on their bodies coming to life like a group of smaller fish caught in the light. The entry won the Best of Show Award as well as the Craftsmanship and Technology Award, in recognition of Jane’s excellence in jewellery craftsmanship."

We are one - Karen and Jane Photo
We Are One - Display
Fish We are One exhibiting in HKTDC Jewellery Show
Fish winning foam board HKTDC
We Are One Award at HKTDC
Fish winning catelogue
HKTDC Award Ceremony - We Are One
HKTDC Award Ceremony - We Are One
We Are One - Awards